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Anchoring and reporting for the news means you're in front of the camera and an audience so you want your makeup to enhance your look and not distract while also lasting all day. As a former news anchor, I can share a few highlights (pun intended) that will improve your beauty routine.

When working on the news matte and minimal makeup is the overall standard of beauty. Your storytelling will add the sparkle that's needed. As for you, there are a few handy tricks that us broadcast journalists know and keep in our tool kit for on-air appearances. A news anchors makeup routine is about enhancing without embellishing.

My makeup routine as a news anchor is different from my news reporter makeup routine. As a reporter you're going to be in the field and dealing with fluctuating weather conditions which can make your day even more interesting. News anchors spend more time under studio lighting and high definition cameras so your makeup needs to compensate for that. Here are my tips to keep your makeup looking professional throughout your newscast.

News anchor makeup tips

“Figure out what you're working with, then figure out how to work it! You can land the part if you look the part.” -Amanda Porter

Half of the battle of a news anchors makeup routine is picking what to play up, or down. It's important to know your face shape, skin type, and the size and placement of your facial features. Be objective when examining your news anchor look. Remember that thousands of viewers are scrutinizing your work as a journalist which includes your on-air appearance. News anchors need to know what their facial features are in order to apply makeup with the proper techniques before going on-air.

Enhancing your look for broadcast

It's easy to find a "signature" news anchor look, just gaze in the mirror and imagine your most professional self. That person looks well put together. Let's start with the foundation (another makeup pun)!

Figuring out the shape of your eyes and head is essential for a personalized makeup look. The way you apply a facial highlight and contour should differ depending on the person. There are general ways to apply makeup, but it's important to find what fits your face. This also applies for eyeshadow. The depth of the eyes, the slant of the eyes, and the placement of eyelids all affect an eyeshadow look. Eye lash extensions are often used by news anchors to accentuate their eyeshadow, or most commonly to make our eyes appear larger. I recommend going to the professional makeup counters at the mall and speaking with a makeup artist. You can also schedule a consultation with a trusted makeup artist in your personal network, or city to get information specific to your look.

Keep it matte and minimal

“Show off your professional style with class starting with your makeup.”

A news anchors image should be bright and colorful and while this works for dresses, there are guidelines that should be followed as far as colorful makeup. There is a need for color in an anchors makeup routine because studio lights are often so bright that the on-air talent may look washed out on camera. So do not be afraid to use color, just use it strategically. Matte eyeshadow is used in broadcast news because it does not cause a glare like a glitter, or cream eyeshadow would do. Neutral, matte colors are fundamental in a news anchors eyeshadow kit. A professional image can always be maintained with matte, neutral shades because it complements natural beauty. Always try to use a light touch when applying makeup.

Flaunt your stuff!

Get comfortable in your own skin as a news anchor and appear just as on point as your reporting skills! News anchor makeup assists in delivering a professional presentation of information to an audience of people. Once you have an understanding of your facial features and how to accentuate them, the other part of the battle in a news anchors makeup routine is making it last throughout the day and in different conditions. This part again is easy to accomplish with a few tricks. It's important to apply to proper makeup products and use the right tools to get the best end result. Always apply foundation primer to ensure that their is a base for the product to stick to and also is designed to make the product perform its best. Makeup products are designed for different functions and uses so be sure to choose products that best suited for you. For example some primers are for oily skin while others are for a photo ready finish. Be sure to choose makeup products that your skin requires.

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Shirley Weaver
Shirley Weaver
Apr 22, 2023

You are doing a good job. Suggest you keep your hands quiet while speaking Watch your co-anchores! Best wishes!



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