• Amanda Porter

Amanda Porter's Journey: Excelling through adversity

Welcome to my story. As shocking as it may be, everything you are about to read is absolute fact. It's a hard knock life they say and mine is just getting started. My name is Amanda Porter and I'm just blessed to be alive, above ground, not in a cell and did I say alive? It wasn't easy surviving the midwest, let alone the most life altering experience of my life that involved the supernatural, the FBI, and several colorful characters. I know this information is a lot to handle, that's an understatement. But immersing yourself in my journey will make you thankful to be alive and proud to be an American, especially a Black African-American woman.

Of course, I have factual evidence and documentation to prove everything I am reporting. The journalist never wants to be the story, but looking at the state of the country, society, and the globe, I'd better make myself the trending topic and fast.

Before I go any further, I must let it be known that I am aware of the negative connotation that surrounds what I am doing. Yet, the insatiable need for justice damns my desire for a drama free life. Instead I am a magnet for situations and areas that require attention, and or change. I am a catalyst and now I am aware of what comes with it. Now my focus is on changing not just a community, but a whole state, nation and world God willing.