Amanda Porter now reports for WINK News in Southwest Florida

God is good all of the time and all praises go directly to God and Jesus Christ for redeeming Amanda Porter and placing her back into her purpose with a news station that greatly aligns with her work ethic and values.


It took more faith and belief than I ever had to pull myself out of a place I worked hard to never be in. But, I am a faithful warrior. God has a plan for me that not only affects me, but a world of people.This is why I never gave up and fought hard for my purpose. I am a mighty Christian and a woman of God, but I am also a storyteller with a purpose. I report news and tell the stories of people in the communities I travel to.

I am now in Fort Myers, Florida reporting for the legacy station WINK News. Feel free to follow along with the news stories I am covering in Southwest Florida. I will update my recent stories here on and also my professional Instagram, AmandaPorterWINKNews and my professional Twitter APorterWINK.

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