A.P. Style Blog Launching Soon

Broadcast Journalist Amanda Porter is sharing her many blessings and talents with the world with the launch of her brand and blog, "A.P. Style."

A.P. Style means "Amanda Porter Style" which is being a unique professional with a purpose!

Journalists, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are eager to better themselves and their personal style can all benefit from this brand. A.P. Style aims to boosts confidence and self-esteem starting with inner and outer beauty.

Beauty products such as human hair wigs, headband wigs, and an eye lash kits are currently being tested before being offered and sold.

Stay tuned with A.P. as she builds this brand stemming from her God given dreams and visions which she will eventually turn into reality, GOD willing!

Stay connected with A.P. Style online:

Youtube: A.P. Style - https://www.youtube.com/channel/

Instagram: @ItsAPStyle

Facebook: @It'sAPStyle

Tik Tok: @Itsapstlye

Twitter: @ItsApStyle

Pinterest: @A.P.Style